Wynne needs to act now to create more affordable flexible childcare spaces in Ontario: Campbell


QUEEN'S PARK - MPP Campbell calls on the Wynne Liberals to create more affordable, flexible childcare spaces.

Ms. Sarah Campbell: While northern families were encouraged by the government announcement to create 100,000 additional child care spaces, they’re concerned about the lack of firm commitments.

In the north, having safe, affordable and flexible spaces means being able to recruit and retain professionals in our small communities. It means the ability to hold on to doctors, nurses and other professionals and to enjoy robust tourism and service industries.

The reality is that, with costs continually rising on everyday essentials such as housing, hydro bills and food, two incomes and affordable childcare are required to keep families afloat.

For families working in the forestry, mining and tourism industries, as well as those working in the health and service sectors, flexible child care—that is, care that is available where and when families need it—is imperative.

On a personal note, I can attest to the need for affordable, flexible childcare. As one of the fortunate families who can afford the high cost of full-time child care, I still found the $231-a-day cost for flexible childcare in Toronto to be totally out of reach.

In fact, I can confidently say that access to affordable and flexible child care has been the single biggest barrier I have faced as a woman in politics. I know that my struggle is not unique, but it is one that is shared by countless women and men all across this province.

If this government is truly committed to creating a fairer and more prosperous society, it will work to immediately create more affordable, full and flexible child care spaces.