MPP Campbell calls on Premier to deliver hydro relief to northerners


QUEEN'S PARK - Campbell calls on Wynne to deliver hydro relief for northerners.

Ms. Sarah Campbell: My offices have been inundated with correspondence from constituents from across Kenora–Rainy River who have painstakingly tracked their ever-rising hydro bills.

A retired couple from Dryden wrote to me and said, “Our house is only 802 square feet. We heat with natural gas and the hot water tank is natural gas too. We have no air conditioning, the garage is not heated, and I don’t plug in any vehicles in the winter. There is just my wife and I living here.” Despite conserving as much as they can, their bills have nearly doubled.

A family in Sioux Lookout, who pride themselves on being energy-conscious, and who only use their washer and dryer at night or on the weekend, have a setback thermostat and use LED lights, showed me bills that have risen by more than 119%.

Northerners agree: “Electricity is not a frill—it’s an essential part of our daily lives.” But they don’t need another 30-year mortgage with a four-year guaranteed rate. Northerners are looking for this government to actually fix the mess it made and to make changes that will permanently lower hydro rates—like returning Hydro One to public hands, equalizing rural and urban delivery rates, capping private profit margins, and ending the time-of-use billing, to start.

The Premier says she understands that people are looking for lasting relief built on real change, so won’t she show us a plan that does exactly that?