MPP Campbell calls for a new Kenora hospital and greater access to health services in Manitoba


QUEEN’S PARKCampbell calls upon the Wynne government to improve Northwest health care by improving access to Manitoba physicians and by constructing a new hospital in Kenora.

Ms. Sarah Campbell: Today I would like to draw attention to the health care situation in the northwest, described as being “in dismal crisis” by a Kenora physician. Over the past several weeks I have heard from physicians, nurses and patients in Kenora who describe health policies that are failing northerners.

I have heard about the antiquated Lake of the Woods hospital that has parts still in use today that were built shortly after the First World War and whose surgical room has tiles falling from the walls.

I have heard horrific, true stories about Kenora patients who, in an effort to free up limited hospital beds, are discharged from hospital to look after themselves until they die, but who have such advanced dementia that they lack the capacity to do so.

I have heard from a Kenora man who received a $1,600 hotel bill after being sent the five-and-a-half-hour trip to Thunder Bay for emergency health care, rather than the much closer two-and-a-half hour trip to Winnipeg, where he could stay with family.

These stories are not one-offs. They are very much representative of the health care challenges people living in the northwest—in particular, Kenora—have to face on a regular basis.

All Ontarians, regardless of postal code, deserve health care that is close to home. We are calling on this government to fix the health care deficit that exists by allowing patients west of Thunder Bay to be seen in Manitoba and by constructing a new state-of-the-art and fully functional hospital in Kenora. Thank you.