Liberal hydro hikes forcing frontline cuts in Ontario hospitals: Campbell


QUEEN’S PARK – Kenora-Rainy River MPP Sarah Campbell says the ongoing privatization of Ontario’s hydro system by the Wynne Liberals is forcing Northwestern hospitals to redirect funds from frontline care, and patients are paying the price.

“Hydro bills have gone up 300 per cent under this Liberal government – and families across Northwestern Ontario are paying the price for decades of hydro privatization under this government, and under the Conservatives before them. Now, we’ve learned that Dryden Regional Health Centre’s hydro bills have increased by a staggering 44 per cent in just five years,” said Campbell during question period on Thursday.

“The hospital is doing everything it can to conserve energy. They’ve made significant investments in retrofits, yet their bills continue to soar. They’ve come up with a capital plan that would allow the hospital to go off the grid – yet this government refuses to deliver the funding they need to implement that plan.”

Dryden’s hospital, like hospitals across the province, is facing ongoing budgetary challenges, overcrowding, and long wait times. Campbell says the hospital is not getting the support it needs from government, and Northwestern families are paying the price.

“Northern hospitals – and Northern families – need a Premier who cares about making life more affordable and stopping the cuts to our frontline health care, but this Premier keeps letting Northwestern Ontario down,” said Campbell.

“Why is this Premier letting down the people of Northwestern Ontario – and forcing our hospitals to take money out of frontline care, just to cover their soaring hydro bills? Why is this Premier delivering one disappointment after another for people who need health care – and who also need to be able to pay their hydro bills – across Northwestern Ontario?”