Northerners Have Lost Faith in the Liberals and Deserve A Government That Acts In Their Best Interest: Campbell

For immediate release May 4, 2014

Northerners have lost faith in Liberals and deserve a government that acts their best interest: Campbell

Kenora, ON – Sarah Campbell, MPP Kenora-Rainy River, says she has lost faith in the Liberals to act in the best interest of Northerners.

“For too long this Liberal government has ignored the needs of northerners and has instead focussed on putting the interests of the Liberal party first,” says Campbell.

Last Thursday’s budget failed to include any meaningful action on important issues like hydro affordability, a reduction of auto insurance rates, bolstered healthcare in the north or a concrete jobs plan.

“Northerners need a government that will prioritize our needs, like affordable hydro, safe highways, healthcare and jobs- not put the needs of their friends first or try to bribe us with our own money.”

Campbell also takes issue with the cost of the 2014-2015 provincial budget, as it will cost $2.5 billion more than the projected cost of last year’s budget and will put Ontario further away from balancing its books by 2017-2018, as promised by the Liberals.

“At a time when northerners are feeling squeezed and are told they have to tighten their belts to make ends meet, they expect their provincial government to do the same. Not doing so is not only reckless, but disrespectful of our hard-earned tax dollars,” Campbell states.

Campbell calls into question the Liberal’s ability to deliver on the 70 new promises contained in the budget, given that they still have not delivered on the three main promises they made to secure support from the NDP in the 2013 budget.

“Last year the Liberals essentially promised us three relative simple things: to create a Financial Accountability Office, reduce auto insurance premiums by 15 per cent and to increase access to home care across the province. Well it’s one year later and we are still waiting. How are we expected to believe that this same group of Liberals will deliver on the 70 new promises they are making now?”