Campbell's Motion Passes to Improve Winter Highway Maintenance Before 2015 Season

Queen’s Park – Today in the legislature, MPP Sarah Campbell’s motion that calls on the government to establish a select committee with a view at improving winter road conditions before the 2015 winter season passed second reading.

MEDIA RELEASE: April 17, 2014

Campbell’s Motion Passes To Improve Winter Highway Maintenance Before 2015 Season

The Kenora-Rainy River MPP also received positive support from other MPP’s who experienced similar road conditions in their ridings. She stated, “This winter, the northwest in particular has experienced the worst winter in memory in terms of unsafe travelling of highways across our region. I have heard concerns like; tragic accidents, jackknifed tractor-trailers, and the inability of emergency vehicles and crews to safely arrive on scene.”

Campbell continued, “What’s worse is that these conditions weren’t only experienced at the time of or shortly after a winter storm, but these subpar conditions have been experienced consistently since the region’s first snowfall on November 18.”

Pointing out that only certain contractors are maintaining the roads to standards set by MTO, Campbell called for the select committee to review a list of requirements including; the clarity of the contracts set out by MTO, penalties and fines for non-compliance, ploughing frequency, patrolling frequency, as well as highway classifications themselves.

Out of concern about the lack of safety for families, seniors and workers as well as businesses in the region that rely on our highways, the MPP said, “The bottom line is that reforms need to be made, and they need to be made soon, in advance of next winter, so that we don’t see history repeat itself.”